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Zachary Douglas


Make the right choice beforehand, not to be sorry afterwards

Always check the vehicle`s history before purchasing. I was looking for a good van for my family. There was a lot of vans on sale with bunch of problems and accidents in the past. One of them had minor problems, others-serious issues, i.e. serious accidents or even flood vehicles.
Finally, I have found a worthy van and I am sure that it will help me to avoid situations where I would have to wait for help on the road and my family would be safe.

Tony K.

3 days ago

My review

A lot of useful information. My current Corolla used to be a taxi cab in another state. The mileage, at the time of purchase was 340K miles less than the actual one. Now I know the reason why the price of my car was so low.

Vanessa Vasquez

3 days ago

Great and helpful reports, a lot of useful details to make the right choice

I would very much like to thank for the provided data. I was able to choose a great moto for myself in the area close to me. The motorcycle happened to have light damages before, but it was not spotted in the ad. So I showed the history report to the seller and got a generous discount for my Hayabusa. I am happy with the choice!

Andre Powell

5 days ago


I had always wanted to own a classic Mustang and when it came to purchase, I was choosing among 6 cars found on IAA. I was about to fight for the chosen lot, when decided to check it first. Why not- was my thought. As it turned out from the report, the vehicle had a fire damage, after which it was rebuilt and repainted. Of course, I do not need such vehicle.
Thank you so much to your team for such a wonderful service and report.